The source of progress is knowledge, and the purpose of business in the progress of the community.

A complete know-how of all managerial aspects, a thorough understanding of the market – everything comes together in the flow of business. Khushi Realcon believes in bringing its expertise to the forefront with the knowledge it has gathered through its business experience.

Along with adopting a continuous process of learning, the Group has made the happiness of its consumers its ultimate purpose, and has constantly delivered on that aim.


What is the one quality we have an undying connection with? Honesty.

Khushi Realcon was the brainchild of Gaurav Agarwal, Sanjay Bansal, and Pradeep Thakker – three innovative minds hailing from the diverse businesses of iron and steel, construction, and mining.

With knowledge pertaining to their respective fields, they have made Khushi Realcon into the beacon of pride that it is today. But what pushed it forward was their honesty towards the community and in their collective dream. And till now, that strain of honesty continues in all the activities carried out by the Group.




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